Heyy! Welcome to my site!

This is a site all about my favourite stuff, thanks so much for visiting. My pictures for each of my interests are in the Image gallery! I hope you enjoy my stories and understand my love for these three things!

Japan & South Korea!

All my life I have loved different ethnicities, cultures and languages, I enjoy learning languages adn travelling to different countries and continents; however, I have a particualr interest in Asian culture, more specifically, South Korea and Japan. I wish to learn Japanese and Korean because I love the food, people, language and both countries are the main source of my two favourite things, anime/manga and K-pop. I hope from the images that you will love looking at these places even if you don't understand the culture.


Dogs, are a mans bestfriend (obviously, I mean you need to make at least ONE friend somehow), and dogs are there to help you with that. They know when your sad, they know if you need a lick to the face, or a cuddle buddy for the night, dogs are intelligent.. but my dog thought that a tree was an intruder and decided to non-stop bark at 3am like he thought the innocent ball of fluff he is could've actually done somthing if it WAS an intuder. He wasn't allowed in my room for the rest of the week. None the less I will love my dog forever even if he barks at 3am, decides that my food is also his food, snores (which my dog does A LOT), because my dog is part of who I am and he will always bethere for me until the end. I hope you enjoyed learning about my dog (this is all dedicated to him, my small 4 year old shih tzu x Mali, images of him are avaliable for you to stare at in awe).

Sleep... I love sleeping

This is an extremely helpful site to help you understand my title! (and what happens after your dog wakes you up at 3am).

Visit this site, just do it.